reach buyers at the point of sale

Supplier Channel Program

“Hybrent is easy to use and has been a game changer at our facility. The ease of ordering all supplies in one place saves time and increases productivity.”

How would you like to reach buyers at the exact time they need your products? Hybrent’s Supplier Channel Program can help you do just that.

Increase your brand awareness and connect with new customers through Hybrent’s supply chain software. Vendors have the opportunity to provide the user community a great experience finding and learning about your products within our software as they are making purchasing decisions. All vendors in the program start out at our initial tier – our Bronze level – or can increase visibility with Silver, Gold or Platinum tiers which offer more features within the software.

Supplier Channel Program Tiers​

  • Platinum
Features Platinum
Vendor connection in Hybrent per customer request
Direct Fax PO
Direct Email PO
Supplier Portal Access
Invoice Upload (EDI, FAX, EMAIL)
Picture files supported
Preferred vendor notification
to Hybrent customers
Stock Availability
Item Updates
(Description, UOM, product sheet)
Auto Price Updates (EDI, Web, APN)
Mobile Support/Barcodes
Lot & Exp, Serial #
Order Tracking
(Confirmations & tracking #)
Crosswalk Analysis - price comparisons
Quarterly Success Meetings
Portal Chat
Technical + Account Related
Consignment Support
Account Registration and Set Up
Info, news & events via push notifications

For more information, contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

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