Supplier Channel Program

Streamline your operations and increase revenue by enabling electronic, automated ordering and invoicing with your customers. 

With 7,500+ vendors currently in the Hybrent platform, we have developed a program to let them expand their reach through our new Channel Program. As a member of our Channel program, your organization has the opportunity to reach our user community at the exact time they are making their purchases, increase sales and get paid faster. 

All vendors start out with access to buying community and content exchanges via PDF/email. Enhanced client facing features within the client’s platform tool become standard when the supplier enters into a commercial agreement. 

Markets We Serve

All vendors receive free standard hosting when added into the Hybrent software, allowing all transactions to occur within the platform. 

In Network Suppliers can integrate your catalog to provide product images to make shopping even easier. When a commercial agreement is executed, the option to purchase add-on custom APIs becomes available. 

Supplier Channel Program

  • Out of Network
  • In Network
  • Additional Features for Purchase
Features Out of NetworkIn NetworkAdditional Features for Purchase
Vendor connection in Hybrent per customer request
Direct Fax PO
Direct Email PO
Info, news & events via push notifications
Invoice Upload (EDI, FAX, EMAIL)
Item Updates
(Description, UOM, product sheet)
Picture files supported
Order Tracking
(Confirmations & tracking #)
Quarterly Success Meetings
Dedicated Account Resources
Pricing and Stock Availability API
Custom API with Statement of Work

For more information, contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

Interested in Becoming a Hybrent Supplier?