Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)

Spend less time ordering supplies and more time on patient care.

Hybrent makes it easy to manage supplies with one platform for purchasing, receiving and invoicing. Comparison shop within the platform, set up templates and formularies based on physician preferences, and track cost by physician or department. Connect with the ASC’s practice management software and use actionable reports to identify areas where costs can be reduced. 

How much could you save? Use our ROI calculator to determine how much money your organization could save with Hybrent. It could be hundreds or thousands a month! 

Is your ASC in need of supply chain software? Answer a few questions to evaluate your organization’s current process and see if Hybrent is right for you. 


SHOPPING AND ORDER AUTOMATION: Multi-vendor online shopping portal creates and sends POs directly to vendors.

APPROVALS: Automatically routed orders to ensure your business rules are followed.  

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Keep track of all your vendor contracts, set reminders for expiration dates, view contract status in real time.


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Instant access to inventory levels, cycle counts, par levels, stock transfers and stock information.

IMPLANT TRACKING: Track serial, lot and expiration dates of consignment and trunk stock implants with simple to use workflows. 

E-RECEIVE: Track and review orders in real time. Paperless delivery reconciliation and confirmation. 


PAPERLESS INVOICING: Electronic invoices for all vendors. Automated 3-way matching and GL coding. 

INTEGRATIONS: Connect your EMR and Accounts Payable systems. 

ACTIONABLE REPORTS: Spend metrics at the touch of a button. Information you need to drive decisions. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

“When I saw the demo of Hybrent, I said, ‘This is the one!’ because it does so many things. It was easy to navigate, the screens make sense and I cannot say enough about the customer support I’ve received.” 

“What used to be four hours a day is now more like four hours a week. Using Hybrent has cut out so much time that now I can scrub in almost every day.”

Danny Dillard, Surgical Specialist 

Surgical Specialists ASC

Terri Crow, Certified Surgical Technologist 

Springhill Surgery Center

Customer Success Stories