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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)

“What used to be four hours a day is now more like four hours a week. Using Hybrent has cut out so much time that now I can scrub in almost every day.”

Terri Crow, Certified Surgical Technologist
Springhill Surgery Center

More than 60% of outpatient surgeries are completed at ASCs with orthopedic, spine and cardio procedures leading the way. This shift is occurring because many surgeries are less invasive with no hospital stays required, but also because of cost. Because ASCs are smaller than hospitals, they are more price-sensitive to supply costs and have less space for unnecessary inventory. This places a lot of pressure on the surgical assistants and facility managers who are tasked with ordering supplies.

Hybrent makes it easy to manage supplies with one platform for purchasing, receiving and invoicing. Comparison shop within the platform, set up templates and formularies based on physician preferences, and track cost by physician or department. Connect with the ASC’s practice management software and use actionable reports to identify areas where costs can be reduced. Spend less time ordering supplies and more time on patient care.

Hybrent Software: What Can It Do For You?


Hybrent purchasing software provides images on ordering screen
Hybrent purchasing software integrates with A/P software


Reporting Tools

Hybrent purchasing software contains actionable reporting

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