Hybrent Is A “Game Changer” for ASC

The Physicians Surgery Center - Illinois

Increase staff productivity with one platform for supply ordering – and stop letting your supply chain control your days.

Near the Mississippi River where Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee all meet, The Physicians’ Surgery Center offers procedures in ophthalmology, gastroenterology, gynecology, urology, pain management and general surgery. Rick Miller, the Materials & Purchasing Manager for the center, had never heard of Hybrent until his Medline rep mentioned it.

“We began ordering with Medline and I mentioned that I was spending half of my day, every day, ordering supplies,” Rick said. “I had to call each vendor separately or send an email – there was no online ordering. The rep mentioned Hybrent to us and we thought we’d give it a chance.”

“Now it only takes me one hour a day to order everything!”

In particular, Rick appreciates the ability to scan inventory items with a tablet or his phone. “I print out barcodes from Hybrent for each item we have in inventory, scan the item and type in the quantity I need. When the items arrive, I click “receive” to send the items from Hybrent into our EHR, AdvantX.” Hybrent is also integrated with their AP software, MS Dynamics Great Plains, allowing for 3-way matching and automated invoicing.

In addition to streamlining their purchasing process, Rick began using Medline’s custom packs which he called “lifesavers.” He laughed, “Everything we can possibly fit into a pack, we do. It saves a lot of time from having to pull individual items because everything we need for the surgery is pulled together.” 

More than 75% of the supplies Rick orders for the surgery center are Medline products. “Needles, syringes, drapes, towels and other items are less expensive than other vendors and are the same or better quality,” he says. “Our packs are all customized and our Medline rep has been great in helping us.”

Rick and his team worked closely with both Medline and Hybrent when implementing the new software. “We pulled all of our order reports from the previous year and sent them to Hybrent. It was challenging at first, but a team from Hybrent came to our surgery center to help and we got things organized after that. I no longer have issues ordering and I do the invoicing now, which is going very well.” Rick and a scrub tech used online training to learn the software, and Rick especially likes the Chat feature. “Hybrent is really good about getting back to me on things when I message them in Chat!” he said. “Customer Service is amazing.”

“The results from both companies have been absolutely great,” Rick said. “The custom packs Medline created for us offered much better pricing on everything in them. And when we launched Hybrent – that was a game changer. I won’t go without it!”

Rick said that the surgery center’s inventory is very much under control now and there is no stockpiling – they know exactly what they have on hand. With the time saved from ordering and invoicing, he has been able to spend more time working in the OR and with the sterilizing department.

“Just keep doing what you all are doing!” Rick said. Download Case Study

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