Implementation Process

One of the biggest concerns healthcare organizations have when choosing new software is the implementation process. How long is it going to take and what are the requirements for employee participation? Don’t worry – Hybrent has the process down to a science.

“The Hybrent IMPLEMENTATION TEAM WAS GREAT walking us through the setup."

Alexandra Kirkland, Materials Manager
Mann Cataract Surgery Center

Hybrent's Implementation Team has worked on thousands of project and is skilled in getting your system up and running quickly. We work closely with you to collect, clean and verify all the data necessary to get your unique Hybrent site up and running - and many times your vendor reps can do a lot of the heavy lifting providing that information to you. And the good news is that no onsite visits are necessary - everything can be done online!

kickoff meeting

A formal time is set to introduce all of our collective key players, including your dedicated Implementation Specialist, where we go over mutual expectations, define responsibilities, share best practices, and set weekly meetings to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding experience.

Data Collection & export

Immediately following signed contracts & financial obligations, we kickoff the project with your team. Who do you shop from and what do you buy? Those are the fundamental question we need answered to build your Hybrent database. During the kick-off call we will detail out the information we need and point you towards the easiest ways to get it. Now it’s your turn to shine! Get this information in the hands of your Implementation Specialist and the real fun begins…

hybrent platform website & data build

Led by your Implementation Specialist, our development team takes the information you provided and builds out your customized platform. Permissions, approvals, locations, account numbers, templates, vendor routing, GL codes, user setups, and whatever else you need to manage your business. The software is customized for your business needs.

training & database testing

Your site is built and ready for the prime time! It’s now time to introduce you to the platform and give you the training tools you need to unleash Hybrent’s full potential. At the same time, the Hybrent development team is making its list and checking it twice.

Go Live!

It’s time to put your new tool to use! We know change can be scary and software can be intimidating but we will be with you every step of the way. After you have completed the first few ordering cycles in Hybrent, we conduct a 1-on-1 super user training session to give you the advanced skills you need to completely control your future Hybrent experiences.

feedback & improvement

What could we have done better and what would you like to see next from Hybrent? Only customers can give us the feedback we need to improve. That means you! Hybrent will be hands down the best at what we do, but we can’t get there without your help!

Customer Success Stories