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Physician Offices

Zach Grimm
Pavilion Services Director, Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa

How much time do you spend creating orders that have to be phoned or faxed to each and every vendor, tracked individually, received and invoiced manually? Imagine spending that time on patient care and other revenue-generating activities. 

Using a computer, mobile device or tablet, shop and order from all of your suppliers on one platform where you can comparison shop, check for availability and even set up templates to automatically order your most-used items each month. Track inventories, set up formularies to standardize what can be ordered, include contracted pricing, and set up an approval process to keep the budget in check. Integrating AP software with Hybrent automates the entire process and reporting provides visibility into buying habits.

Hybrent Software: What Can It Do For You?


Hybrent purchasing software provides images on ordering screen
Hybrent purchasing software integrates with A/P software


Reporting Tools

Hybrent purchasing software contains actionable reporting

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