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Critical Access

Vital to their communities, Critical Access Hospitals have to be everything to everyone. Employees never know what healthcare issues will come their way each day, from treating the common cold to emergency care. As a result, supply ordering can get out of hand very quickly – but also the best place to look to reduce costs. Hybrent purchasing software is user-friendly, easy to implement and healthcare focused unlike many ERPs that are too large and cumbersome for critical access hospitals to install. It offers your team one portal for all supply ordering, receiving and invoicing, and tracks inventory and spend to decrease over- or under-ordering of supplies, saving you money while still putting the focus on patient care.

"We can see a huge change in our inventory and spend in the right direction. HYBRENT GAVE US CLARITY that we didn't have before and it's helped tremendously. "

Katie Negron
Purchase Manager – American SurgiSite

Hybrent Software: What Can It Do For You?


Hybrent purchasing software provides images on ordering screen
Hybrent purchasing software integrates with A/P software


Reporting Tools

Hybrent purchasing software contains actionable reporting

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