Making Supply Ordering Simple, Fast, and Efficient

One Stop Shopping for all Med Surg, Pharmaceutical, and Office Supplies

Discover Hybrent, a mobile purchasing application that provides a single, consolidated interface to all your distributers and manufacturers providing:


Price Comparison

Real Time Episode of Care Data

Inventory Management

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Surgery Centers

The Problem

No Order Tracking

Confusing MMIS Navigation

Locating Delivered Supplies

The Solution

Real-Time requisition tracking through multiple platforms

Simple intuitive workflows

Push Notifications when your supplies arrive

The Result

More time with Patients

No hunting for supplies

Track your orders real-time

Imaging Centers

The Problem

Incoming verbal requests not decremented from inventory

Increased Risk of stock outs

Confusing MMIS navigation

Improper order allocation

The Solution

Real-Time order fufillment

Simple intuitive workflows

Push notification to users when requisitions are assigned

The Result

Increased fill rates

Proactively manage incoming requisitions in real time

Know when your orders are ready

Increase the power of your Supply Chain!

Physician Offices

The Problem

Inaccuracies in Inventory Values

Difficulties to track staff productivity

Inability to run real-time reports

The Solution

MMIS integration providing real-time price updates

Ratings, Reviews and Performance Metrics

On-Demand reporting by Cost Center, Variance, Top Items.......and more

The Result

Reduced inventory cost

Decrease average delivery time

Increase Nursing satisfaction

Increase Supply Chain productivity


The Problem

Lack of integration to trading partners

Manual processes for product sourcing

Manual return processes

The Solution

Real-Time integration to trading partners: Item Master Updates

Integrated updates from vendors for product updates

Real-Time return authorizations sent to vendors

The Result

No manual entry points for pricing updates

Instant PO generation and integration to partners

General Ledger intergration on receipt of purchase orders