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Surgery Center Case Study: Hybrent Solution Saves Time at North Texas Plastic Surgery

North Texas Plastic Surgery_


North Texas Plastic Surgery (NTPS) is comprised of a pair of facilities in the Dallas suburbs, one located in Plano and the other in Southlake. The ambulatory surgery center (ASC) specializes in body, breast and face procedures, as well as pediatric procedures like cleft lip and cleft palate.

The teams at NTPS are small, and made up of about 20 employees in all. Its case load has doubled over the past year, which has stretched the staff to its limits. Patricia Zeece knows this best. She was brought in by NTPS just over a year ago as a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST), and also serves as a trained first assistant. Zeece is scrubbed in and assists the surgeon throughout the entire procedure. Additionally, she sets up the room for the next procedure.

“As part of this team, we all wear many hats on a daily basis,” said Zeece, an industry veteran who has been a CST for over a decade. “Obviously, it’s important for me to do my job well. But because of our heavy case load, I must also be efficient and saving time is very important.”

In addition to her CST duties, Zeece also is in charge of supply chain management at the surgery center, and has been ordering supplies at NTPS since November 2015. Managing both responsibilities can be challenging, as Zeece orders supplies on an almost daily basis and the supply chain management system at NTPS was laborious to navigate. She had to log in to multiple vendor websites when pricing and ordering new supplies, a process that took an inordinate amount of time. In fact, toggling back-and-forth between vendors sites took so much time that Zeece eventually began ordering supplies at home, on what were supposed to be her days off.

“It was tough. Our case load was growing by leaps and bounds, which was fantastic,” said Zeece, “but the supply chain management duties were demanding. The ordering had to get done. I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew there was a better, more efficient way to make it happen.”


NTPS began working with Hybrent in February 2016, and in less than six months, the efficiency and ordering issues once faced by Zeece have been resolved. She no longer has to visit a multitude of vendor websites to order supplies and Hybrent has eradicated the need for reference numbers when ordering. “I don’t have to sift through websites to find a product if I don’t have a reference number,” said Zeece. “Now, because the supplies we use are loaded into our ordering platform, I don’t have to manually search items. Hybrent instantly searches all distributors and manufacturers for the optimal price and availability.”

Also, the Hybrent solution brings ease of use. This has allowed other members of the NTPS staff to quickly learn how to use the platform and chip in to help Zeece with ordering. For example, a staff nurse now manages pharmaceutical ordering, bringing even more balance and efficiency to the supply chain operation.


Ordering supplies now takes Zeece only one hour per week. This not only allows her to spend more time concentrating on her CST duties, but also more time locating new vendors for NTPS to work with. The ease and efficiency of Hybrent has also allowed other NTPS staff members to help with ordering, which takes some of the load off of Zeece. In rare instances when she needs to check on supplies from home, the Hybrent’s mobile app allows Zeece to check on the supply status quickly and easily.

“We love Hybrent! In addition to saving time, Hybrent has given me peace of mind,” noted Zeece. “I don’t have to take work home with me on a regular basis, and because the platform is intuitive and easy to use, there was no barrier to getting started and my co-workers can now pitch in and place orders too. This allows the work to be spread around, and it gives me more time to concentrate on patients.”