Actionable Reporting to Impact Your Bottom Line

Gain insight into your cost and usage patterns with Hybrent's complete supply chain software. Data you need to make better business decisions.

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Achieve organizational goals and improve your bottom line with greater visibilty of spend and organization wide inventory levels.

Reporting Modules

Preference Cards

Monitor and update supply usage during procedures on Hybrent's tablet and mobile applications.

Automatically reduce inventory as supplies are used in a case.

Determine the true profitability with accurate, real-time costing of supplies with Preference Cards in your customized supply chain platform.

Increase accuracy with data tied to case costing.


Greater insights and multiple viewpoints with data customized to fit your unique organization.

Access metrics and detailed spend anaysis quickly and easily.

Eliminate data silos, paper, and spreadsheet overload with one-button reporting and visibility across your entire organization.

Customizable dashboard to the data that matters most.

Link business processess and performance metrics in one location and analyze total supply spend.

Find savings opportunities with a variety of pre-built reports providing the data you need to manage spend smarter

Simplified Supply Chain Software, Powerful Results

Automating the "Procure-to-Pay" Process

Customizable Portal

Users, facilities, departments, products, prices, and more.

Online Support 24/7

Ongoing support available without leaving your portal.


Access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Multi-Site Functionality

Monitor and manage each location within your group.

Mobile & Tablet Applications

Shop, approve, and receive purchase orders on the go.


From implementation and beyond, our team is here to help you achieve your supply chain goals.

Impact the Bottom Line with Actionable Reporting

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Increase staff efficiency with tablet and mobile applications to bring back time spent with patients.

Improve team communciation and streamline processes with a customized user portal.

Spend more time on patient care with 24/7 on-the-go access and visibility as a cloud-based solution.

Features That Make This Possible

Tablet/Mobile Application Cloud-based
Customizable User Portal

Lean Healthcare Solution

Eliminate over-ordering and waste with insight into your organization's spend metrics.

Understand procedure profitability with case costing.

Identify cost savings with customized reporting.

Features That Make This Possible

Spend Metrics Case Costing
Custom Reports

Control and Standardize Expenses

Case costing reports for cost saving opportunities.

Increase effficiencies and reduce labor costs with barcode scanning - an industry best practice.

Organization-wide insights to streamline workflows and reduce supply spend.

Downloadabe data to further manipulate and published API to call data for extraction.

Features That Make This Possible

Case Costing Barcoding
Published API Multi-Site Functionality

Automate Regulatory Compliance

Insure compliance using real-time data insights.

Data available anytime, anywhere accesible in your customized profile.

Features That Make This Possible

Real-time Data Customized Portal

Hybrent's Supply Chain Software: Reporting Features

Tablet & Mobile App

Increase efficiency with on-the-go access


Industry best practice - Use bardcode technology to scan and go with all your supplies

Case Costing

Reduce overhead with accurate and lean inventory


Connect min/max/par levels for automated replenishment

Single, Sign On Portal

Customized to you to increase your efficiency

Spend Metrics

Automated spend metrics for greater business insights


Access anywhere, anytime, from any device

Custom Reports

Gain insights from your unique data

Customized Portal

Customized by user, reports, departments, and more

Cost Tracking

Information that impacts the bottom line

Multi-site Functionality

Organization-wide overview of costs, spend, and supply usage

Spend Metrics

Built in spend metrics to help your facility save money

Published API

Drill down further in Microsoft Bi, Tableau, and more

Real-time Data

Up-to-date data and visibility into all categories of spend

Control the Cost

If you control the process, you can control the cost. At Hybrent, we know that having clear and measurable goals is the key to success. That's why we designed our software to help you icrease efficiency in your workflows, reduce supply costs and waste, and increase your visibility and accountability.

I Want to Save Time and Money

Improve Standardization and Increase Contract Utilization

Designed exclusively for medical providers

Do More With Less

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Reduce Supply Surpluses and Shortages

Reporting in Hybrent provides you with insights into your cost and usage patterns to help you make smarter future purchase decisions.

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Hybrent's E-procurement, inventory management, reporting, invoicing and integration options - created to align your supply chain and your team.

Focus on saving time, reducing costs, and bringing the focus back to patient care, using one cloud-based platform.

Say goodbye to spending hours ordering supplies, and unite your team around Hybrent's software that integrates everyone's workflows, data, and processes.
You'll eliminate wasted time and effort so you can easily increase efficiencies, make better business decisions, improve quality of patient care, and grow your business.

The Hybrent Platform Includes


Everything you need to shop, approve, track, and confirm your orders.

Inventory Management

Impact the bottom line with tools like detailed spend analysis, case costing, cycle counts, and so much more.


Gain business insight using actionable reporting to analyze key business metrics, spend analyses, and customizable reports.


Align your entire team with electronic 3-way match and sync with Accounting software to replace manual entry.

Integrates with Your Accounting and Practice Management Software

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" Thank you all for the reports that you have generated. From these and other reports in Hybrent, we can see a huge change in our inventory and spend in the right direction. Hybrent gave us clarity that we didn't have before and it's helped tremendously. "
Katie Negron
Purchase Manager