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Post-Acute Care

Long term care, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehab facilities

With an aging population, the number of post-acute care facilities is increasing exponentially and organizations have a hard time keeping up with the growth. These facilities often have clinical employees who manage supplies as an adjunct responsibility to resident care. Instead of using a cumbersome ERP system, these facilities want an easy-to-use system that integrates with their EMR and allows for simple charge capture. 

Hybrent solves these problems with portal that contains all approved vendors and products for easy purchasing, receiving and inventory management. Use mobile devices for scanning inventory and attaching the charge to a resident, department or cost center, and automatic invoicing, letting employees focus on residents.

Hybrent saves a lot of time...we’ve trained the staff at all locations to use the system and adoption was quick when people saw how easy it was to use. "

Eddie Ross, Purchasing Manager 
Extremity Healthcare

Hybrent Software: What Can It Do For You?


Hybrent purchasing software provides images on ordering screen
Hybrent purchasing software integrates with A/P software


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Hybrent purchasing software contains actionable reporting

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