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Management Groups

“We can make sure pricing is consistent from center to center. That has been a huge benefit... Reporting lets us track costs on certain initiatives or specific departments."

Kyle Williams, Vice President of Development
ASD Management

Focused on patient care, operational efficiencies and spend management, healthcare management groups provide their individual member facilities with the benefits of a large organization when it comes to buying power. These groups leverage their expertise in unifying purchasing supplies where each organization gains the efficiencies and economies of scale of the group. But how can these be easily standardized across all locations?

Hybrent helps management groups unite their buying power into one purchasing platform that includes contracted pricing, formularies, approvals and integrations with accounting and practice management software, while still allowing each member of the group to operate independently. Our reporting provides actionable insights on spend at the location and group levels for better strategic management of the supply chain.

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Hybrent purchasing software provides images on ordering screen
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Hybrent purchasing software contains actionable reporting

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