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Shop Overview

Shop Overview

There is more than one way you can access your shopping cart in Hybrent.   You can either single click on the “Checkout” or single click on the Shopping cart icon.

Top Tip: Don’t double click on the “Checkout”button or you may accidentally generate all POs in your cart without getting a chance to double check them!


General Overview of the Cart Page: (Starting at the top and moving left to right, like reading a book)

  • Cart for (Facility):  Tells you which facility’s items you are looking at.  You cannot look at multiple facilities at a time.
  • Add Item: Can search for and add items here.  You don’t have to go back to shop!
  • Generate PO:  This will finalize and create the purchase orders listed below.  Don’t click here until you know you want to send the order to the vendor.  Clicking here will send to vendor OR to the approver if you have an approval workflow in place.
  • Drop Down Arrow: There are several things you can do from this drop down menu
    • Print Items:  This will print barcodes or QR codes for all the items in the POs.
    • Clear Current Cart:  This will clear all items out of the cart for the user who is currently logged in.
    • Clear All Carts:  This will clear all items out of ALL carts for ALL users, regardless of whether the user is logged in or not.
    • Refresh:  Will refresh the cart.
    • Show Tour:  Will show the tour of the page you are on.
  • Department:  What department is assigned to all items in all purchase orders
  • Generate For:  What vendors do you want to generate POs for?  You can click the three vertical dots and choose specific vendors if you don’t want to generate a PO for every vendor in your cart.
  • PO’s by Vendor are listed below.  The list is filtered by what vendors are chosen in the “Generate For” field

Updating the Cart

There are several things you can update from within the cart itself.

    • Department
      • Assigns the department listed to all items in all POs.
    • Generate for (VENDOR)
      • Click on the three vertical dots to choose to only see specific vendors in your cart.  These will be the only POs that will generate from the cart when you click the “Generate PO” button.  This is how you can hold items for a specific vendor over time – simply make sure you are do not have that vendor listed in this spot until you are ready to place the order.
    • Grey Bar/PO by Vendor
      • Down Arrow next to vendor name
        • Remove vendor from cart
          • A pop up will ask for confirmation before you completely remove the vendor and all of the items for that vendor from your current cart.
        • Account Setup
          • Takes you to the Vendor Account Setup area and allows you to see what ship to accounts are in use for what facilities or departments.
        • Check Item Availability
          • Click to have Hybrent electronically check the item availability for all items in the PO in that moment.
            • This feature is only available for the following vendors: Medline, McKesson, Henry Schein, Andameds, Cardinal Rx, McKesson Connect, & Besse Medical.
            • If it is not available for a vendor, you will not be able to click the words.
        • Vendor Name
          • Click to see detailed vendor information such as phone number and address
        • Receive Only
          • Checking the box will mark the PO as “Receive Only” and will NOT send the PO to the vendor.
            • Use when you already have the items in hand, but need to 1) cut a PO to say you have gotten the items and 2) to add them into your Hybrent inventory
        • Use My PO #
          • Allows user to add in their own PO number instead of the auto-generated PO number
        • Is Consignment
          • This will mark the PO as being for consignment items in HYBRENT.
            • For MEDLINE purchase orders ONLY, this will mark the PO in the Medline system as consignment.
          • The PO WILL go out to the vendor regardless of who the vendor is.
            • Make sure the vendor knows the PO is for consignment items by following up with them. (If the vendor is NOT Medline)
        • Special Instructions
          • Click and type in any special instructions you want to go to the vendor – such as “Overnight Shipping”.


  • TOP TIP: If the special instructions pertain to patient critical items, make sure you also call the vendor and let them know.


  • Item List for PO
    • Description – click to see details of item and photo.
    • Quantity
      • Can change the quantity of the item using + or by clicking into the box with the number.
    • Price
      • Click to update the price here in the cart.  
        • Will update throughout the system.
    • Department
      • Click the name of the department to change what department is assigned to the line item.
    • Attach Physician
      • Click to attach a specific physician to the line item.

Add Item in Cart

Users can add items to the cart right from the cart – no need to go back out to Shop module!

  • In the upper right hand corner, click into the field to the right of “Add Item”
  • Search by description, SKU, manufacturer number, quick code, or crosswalk id.
  • When items come up, scroll through choices and click on ADD
    • Use the + to change the quantity of the item you want to add (or wait until the item is in the PO and change the quantity in the line item area.)
  • Click anywhere in the drop down box to close it.

Generate PO

When everything in the cart has been reviewed and is correct, then it is time to Generate PO.

  • Check “Generate PO for (VENDOR)”.
    • All Vendors
      • This will generate POs for every vendor that is in your cart.  
    • Specific Vendors Only
      • Click the three vertical dots to the left of this field to choose the specific vendors you want to create the PO for.
        • The POs below for any vendor that is NOT selected will disappear from the list.  
          • They are NOT gone from Hybrent, just from the current view.
  • Single Click on “Generate PO” in the top right hand corner.
    • You will see “Success!” pop ups in the lower right hand corner of your screen as each PO is generated.

TOP TIP:  Remember!  If there is NO approval process in place, once you click on “Generate PO” you are sending it out to the vendor!!  (If there is an approval process, clicking “Generate PO” will send it to the approver!)