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Receiving Workflow

Receiving Workflow

Once a shipment arrives at your facility, the best practice workflow is to receive it into Hybrent right as you are opening the box.  Remember that you can add the Hybrent app to any phone or tablet to make real time receiving simple.

    • Click on Receive from the left hand blue bar
    • Set your filters accordingly so that you can find the PO you wish to receive.
    • Click on the PO number
      • Receive in Inventory Location
        • Make sure the correct inventory location is chosen in the drop down menu.
      • Click the checkbox to the left of the item line for the items as you unpack the box.
        • Hybrent will automatically fill in the Quantity/Amount Received with the same number that is in the Quantity/Amount Sent field.
        • Users can edit the number in the Quantity/Amount Recieved field by clicking in the box and typing the correct number.
      • For items that have been set up for Lot Number/Serial Number tracking:
        • Users will see a link for each individual item at the lower right hand corner of the item line stating “Stock Info”
          • Click the link and enter the appropriate Lot Number, Serial Number and/or Expiry Date
            • If there is more than a single instance of this item, users can add more lines to the Stock Info by clicking on the “Add Stock Info” button.
          • When done adding all info, click on Save.
      • Once all items in the shipment have been recorded into Hybrent, choose one of the following buttons in the upper right hand corner:
        • Partial Receive
          • Not all items on the PO were sent in the shipment.  PO will stay in the “Receive” module.
        • Complete
          • All items were sent OR accounted for in the shipment.  PO will no longer be in the Receive module, it will be available in the Orders module.


  • Completing a Partial Received PO

          When a shipment comes in that will add to or complete a PO that is in a Partial Received status, simply follow the same steps as you normally would and update the item lines necessary.  Then either click Complete if all items on the PO are accounted for OR click Partial Receive again if there are more items on the way.