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Printing Barcodes

Printing barcodes in Hybrent

There are 3 ways to access and print barcodes in Hybrent. Barcodes can be used in the mobile app as a quick way to search for specific items in both the Shop and Scanout modules. Barcode PDFs generated in Hybrent are formatted to print on Avery Laser Labels 6879 (Matte, Mailing, 3-3/4″ x 1-1/4″). Once the PDF is generated, download the pdf. Once the pdf is downloaded, you can open and print your barcodes. Make sure your print scale is set to 100% and your labels are oriented properly in your printer.


For specific items

In the Manage Inventory module, use the filters to search for the item(s) you wish to print barcodes for.

Click the Printer icon to the right of each item you intend to print barcodes for. Notice that a Print Preview button will appear in the upper right of the screen, with a count indicating how many products are in the queue.

Once you have selected all the items you need, click the Print Preview button. In the pop-up window, choose which searchable field values (SKU, Manufacturer Number, Quick Code or Cross-Walk ID) you want the barcodes to represent using the radio buttons along the top and whether you want barcodes or the square QR code format from the Generate PDF button drop-down.

A PDF will be generated (this may take a few minutes depending on how many items were queued up) which you can then print.


For an inventory location

Once you have begun receiving items into an Inventory Location, users with admin permissions can print barcodes for all items in stock at that location.

From the Admin menu, choose Print Barcodes/QR Codes from the Inventory section.


Select the desired Inventory Location from the drop-down menu and click Search. Click on the Print Codes button in the upper right to generate the PDF.


From a Purchase Order

Once you have placed a purchase order in Hybrent, you can print barcodes specifically for items that are on that order. Open a PO in the Orders module, then choose Print Items from the drop-down menu in the top right.

Using this method allow you to build up barcodes as you go after Go Live, prioritizing the items you ordered most recently and ensuring you have those barcodes in place ahead of Scanout.