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This module is used to view cases in a calendar. All cases added in facility appear in this module. The planner will display the following information for cases:

  • Time
  • Physician
  • Case name w/CPT code
  • Case Number

Users can select their facility by clicking facility name that appears at top Left with page heading. Popup appears with list of facilities for which user has “Cases” access. User can select facility by clicking Select button.

User can view cases in different views, such as:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month  

Cases can be filtered by physician. Physicians appear in Physician filter based on the facility selected above.


Creating a New Case


Users can create a new case by clicking in the desired time slot. Cases can dragged and dropped  from one-time slot to another to change the time of the procedure.

Note: A “*” next to the fields requires mandatory information.

  • Select Patient
    • Users can add new patient by clicking “Add Patient” button and entering the required information.  

  • Select Inventory Location
  • Select Preference Card
  • Select Operating Room
  • Select Physician
  • Select Procedure

Once you have entered all the required information, select the “Schedule Procedure” button.