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Orders – Overview

The Orders page contains information about your orders placed in Hybrent. This page shows a searchable table displaying the following order data:

  • PO#
    • Click the PO# to view Purchase order
  • Vendor Name
    • Clicking the Vendor name will reveal Vendor information
  • Status
    • Assigned
      • Sent to Vendor
    • Unapproved
      • Requires Approval
    • Completed
      • Received by Vendor
  • Requested Price
    • Total Requested Price of all items in order
  • Received Cost
    • Total Invoiced Price
  • Created At
    • Date and time order was placed
  • Buyer
    • User who placed order
    • Clicking the Buyer name will display user profile information
  • Notes
    • Number of attached notes
    • Click to display notes or to add a note
  • Documents
    • Number of attached documents
    • Click to display attached documents or to add a document

Clicking the caret on the far right of an entry will give you the following options:

  • Print PO
  • Download PO
    • Download .pdf of PO
  • Print Items
    • Print items in PO
  • Invoices
    • Add Invoice
    • Navigate to Invoice page
  • PO Log
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Add Items to Cart
    • Add all items in PO to cart
  • Delete PO
    • Removes PO from Hybrent

Most recent orders are displayed first. You may sort the table according to the following fields:

  • PO#
  • Requested Cost
  • Date Created

The search bar will allow you to search for orders by:

  • PO#
  • sku
  • Notes
  • Documents

Results may be filtered to display entries by vendor, status, type, facility, departments, and purchaser.