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Mobile Shop – Search


Items on Shop page appear on basis of facility. User can select facility in Filters popup by tapping facility name and selecting facility in Select Facility popup. The popup appears with list of facilities for which user has “Shop” access. (For access, refer module ADMIN > USERS : Facility Access in web app). Items mapped with corresponding facility in Items Catalogue module in web app appear on page.

Users can also apply filters to search by tapping the “Filters” button. In the Filters popup, users can select search criteria (SKU, MFR#, description, quick code or crosswalk ID) or combination of any two criteria to search for a particular item. Users can select vendor in vendors drop-down to shop items from a specific vendor. Selecting Partial or Exact in “Match” drop-down will allow users to widen or narrow their search. Search is performed on the basis of keywords entered and selected filters.

For example, if a user has selected SKU and MFR# keys and Exact in “Match” drop-down, then items with exact search keyword in SKU or MFR# fields will be listed in search results.

Users can search for items by the following criteria:

  • Description
  • Alias
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer number
  • Quick Code
  • Crosswalk ID

By selecting the Barcode icon, users can search by scanning a barcode using a their mobile device’s camera. To search by barcode, you must give the Hybrent app access to your camera. Tap on the barcode icon and center the barcode you wish to scan on the red line. Once the barcode has been successfully read, you will hear a beep, the item will be added to your cart, and you will be redirected to the items details. To increase the quantity added to your cart, tap the plus (+) button until the desired quantity is in your cart. To remove the item from your cart, tap the minus (-) button until the quantity is 0.