Mobile Shop – Creating Purchase Orders

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Creating Purchase Orders

All active inventory items appear in the Shop module. Bill only and non-inventory items do not appear in the Shop module. Items listed show the following information:

  • Description
  • Vendor with item status (In stock, Backordered)
  • Item Price
  • Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • SKU
  • Contract Status

Items in the Shop module include a Green, Red, or Yellow circle. The colors can be assigned to items in the Manage Inventory module to indicate contract status.

  • Red – Not on contract/Contract status unknown
  • Yellow – Distributed & Preferred, but not on contract
  • Green – On contract/ Preferred & On contract

The Star (favorite) icon appears on the left side of each item. Tapping the star sets an item as a “Favorite” and adds the item to the user’s Favorites list. A blue star indicates that an item is a favorite while a white star with a blue outline indicates an item is not a favorite.

Tapping on the item’s description, the item info popup appears containing the following tabs:

  • Item Details – Details of an item such as description, alias, manufacturer, and manufacturer number.
  • Vendor Details – Vendor details associated with item such as price, SKU, unit of measure (UOM), and contract price.
  • Inventory Details – Details of the inventory locations in which the item is active including min, max, par level, and stock levels.
  • Price Change – Details about the price change history of the item
  • Purchase History – Displays how many times the item has been purchased by the current user.

Adding Items to Cart

To add an item to your cart, swipe left on the item and tap the “Add to Cart” button. Items are added to the cart for the facility that is selected in the Filters popup.

When adding an item to your cart, you may see one of the following popups:

  • Preferred item warning – notifying you that the item has not been marked preferred” or “on contract”.
  • Items already in PO warning – This popup appears if this item was recently ordered on another PO but has not yet been received in Hybrent.
  • Item Backordered Warning – This warning appears if an item’s status is listed as “Backordered”.
  • Item Discontinued Warning – This warning appears if an item’s status is listed as “Discontinued”.

Users can manage these warnings in the settings module under “Warning Alerts”.

Users can increase or decrease the item quantity by tapping on the (+) or (-) buttons respectively.

To remove an item from your cart, decrease the quantity to 0 or swipe left and tap the “Remove” button.

Generate PO

Users can add items from multiple vendors to their cart and simultaneously generate purchase orders for multiple vendors.

Once items have been added to your cart, you can tap the cart icon in the upper right hand corner to view your cart. You may update your cart before placing an order. Items can be added directly from your cart by tapping “Add more Items” in the bottom left hand corner. Tapping “Add more Items” brings up the search screen. Clicking the “X” in the top right of the search screen will return you to your cart.

From the cart, you have the following options for creating a Purchase Order:

  • Receive only – Receive only orders are tracked in Hybrent and can be received but are not sent to the vendor.
  • Is Consignment – Used to indicate an order is a consignment order
  • Use My PO# – Allows user to create their own Purchase Order number
  • Special Instructions – Special Instructions to the vendor

Item quantity can be increased or decreased using (+) or (-) button respectively. PO cost also gets updated when user increases/decreases item quantity.

To send purchase orders to vendors for all items in cart, tap the “Generate PO” button at the top right hand corner of the Cart screen. Users may also send Purchase Orders to individual vendors by selecting the vendor in the vendor toggle at the top of the screen. Items from vendors that are not selected will remain in the cart until a Purchase Order is place for all vendors or for that specific vendor.

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