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Mobile – Dashboard


After Login, users will be directed to the Dashboard screen. To access the Module Navigation bar, tap the menu button in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The dashboard is divided into three sections. The first section contains statistics relevant to your purchasing habits including the following:

  • Monthly Purchase Order Value – This displays the total dollar amount for all received items on completed or partially received purchase orders.
  • Number of Partial Receives – This displays the number of partially received orders. Clicking this link will take you to your partially received orders.
  • Avg. Vendor Performance – This displays the average amount of time it takes from when a Purchase Order is generated until it is Received in Hybrent.


The second section displays the following information about your 5 most recent orders:

  • PO number
  • Creation Date
  • Vendor Name
  • PO Status

Clicking the Purchase Order number will direct you to the details screen for that PO.


Section three contains News and Events. News is displayed with the heading and the posted date. The Blue circle on the news posting date indicates that the news item is unread by the user. A White circle is used to indicate that a news items has been read. Tapping on the news item will direct you to the news details screen.



Notifications can be found by tapping the Bell icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The number associated with the bell indicates the number of unread notifications the user has. Tapping on the bell icon will open the notifications page. Tap on a notification to mark it as read. To delete a notification, swipe left on the notification and tap “Remove”. To update your notification settings, go to the user management module and edit Notification settings