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Mobile – Approve Purchase Orders

Approving Purchase Orders

Users who are approvers have access to the Approve PO module. The Approve PO module is where unapproved orders are stored for review. The number of unapproved orders is displayed on the navigational menu heading for the Approve PO module.

Using the search bar, users can search their unapproved orders. By tapping the filters button, users can narrow or widen their search results.

To approve or reject a purchase order from Approve PO orders list page, swipe left on the order you wish to approve or reject, and tap either the blue “Accept” button to approve the order or the red “Reject” button to reject the order.

To view the detail of an order, tap the order in the order list page and you will be brought to the order details page. On the order details page, you have the opportunity to modify the PO before approving or rejecting. To approve an order, tap the approve button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Approving an order will send that order to the vendor to be fulfilled To reject an order, tap the “Reject” button on the bottom right hand of the screen. Rejecting an order will cause its status to change to rejected. The user who created the order will be notified. Once a PO is approved or rejected, it will be removed from the Approve PO module and can be found in the Orders module.