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When you log into Hybrent, you are taken to the Dashboard. Your dashboard contains helpful information at a glance.

Monthly Purchase Order Value

  • This is a display of the total value of all purchase orders that have been received during the current calendar month.

Partial Receives

  • This is a display of the number of Purchase Orders that have been partially received and remain open.

Average Vendor Performance

  • This is a display of the average time it takes to receive an order from the time the Purchase Order was sent to the vendor. This average is for all vendors. For this statistic to be accurate, it is important to receive items into Hybrent as soon as possible after they arrive at your facility.

Recent Orders

  • This is a display of your 5 most recent orders. Clicking the order number will take you directly to that order.

News & Events

  • This is where you can find information from Hybrent as well as a place to display internal notices to your users. Protected Healthcare Information should not be displayed in this section.


  • Have questions? By clicking the chat bubble, you can connect with a customer service representative directly. This is a great place to reach out if you are in need of assistance.