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Cycle Counts

Doing a cycle count, or a partial inventory count, is a great way to keep on top of managing your inventory.  Now that Hybrent is up and running for your facility, using it to do a cycle count can make this job much easier.  Counting what exactly is on your shelves currently and comparing to what Hybrent states is on the shelf will aid you in keeping control.  Hybrent sets the cycle count process up by inventory location, letting you choose which locations to count and when.

When you are doing a count, remember that you are counting the “each”.  And “each” can mean whatever you need it to mean for a particular item. If your unit of use for gloves is a box, then “each” would mean a box of gloves.  If your unit of use for syringes is one syringe, then “each” would mean a single syringe.   This is what we refer to as “The Power of One”.  You set the meaning for what “one” or “each” means for an individual item.  You are in control of your inventory this way, and Hybrent is the tool that makes keeping on top of managing inventory simple and easy.

To do a cycle count in Hybrent:

  • Click on Manage Inventory
    • Choose an inventory location from the drop down in the filters area at the top.
    • Click on Cycle Count in the upper right hand corner.
      • The Cycle Count button will not appear until an inventory location has been chosen.
      • Count and fill in the number of the item you have in the field provided.
        • Don’t forget to count by the definition of “each” for that particular item.