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Create an Invoice

Creating An Invoice

  • Click on the Orders module on the left hand sidebar.
  • Using the filters at the top, search for the PO you will attach the invoice to.
  • Once you have the PO, click on the down arrow on the right side of the PO entry.
    • Choose Invoices
      • Choose Add Invoice.
        • Put the invoice number in the yellow highlighted area.
        • Change the Invoice Date to be the date the invoice was issued.
          • Click on the icon of the calendar to change the date
        • Add a batch number if one is required by your business.
        • Payment Terms
          • Select the Payment terms from the drop down list.
          • You can add new payment terms by using the +
          • Updating the payment terms will update the invoice due date accordingly.
        • Add the tax, both state and local into the field provided.
        • Add any Freight charges to the field provided.
        • Add any Discount Amount to the field provided.
        • Add PO Item to Invoice
          • Use the drop down menu to select the items that are on the invoice.
            • You can choose “All” if all items on the PO are being billed for on the invoice.  Otherwise, you can select the items one by one for ONLY those that are on this particular invoice.
          • Click the blue Add Item button.
        • Adjust the Invoiced Unit Price for the line items so that it matches what is on the paper invoice.
        • Click the blue Save button in the upper right hand corner.