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Consignment Purchase Orders

Consignment Purchase Orders

Some facilities may have a consignment agreement with some vendors.  This means that the vendor stocks their shelves with certain items and the facility is not charged for those items until they are used.

Billing generally occurs once a month after a count of the items left on the shelves has been done by the vendor.

Facilities can use Hybrent to reorder items they need to restock their shelves as well as track what consignment items are being used.  Tracking what has been used will help to manage the end of month counting and give the vendor rep and the facility something to check against when doing the count.

To mark a PO as Consignment:

  • Check the “Is Consignment” box
    • This will mark the PO as being for consignment items in HYBRENT.
      • For MEDLINE purchase orders ONLY, this will mark the PO in the Medline system as consignment.
    • The PO WILL go out to the vendor regardless of who the vendor is.
      • Make sure the vendor knows the PO is for consignment items by following up with them. (If the vendor is NOT Medline).