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Approval Flows – Adding Approval Flow

Setting up the Workflow

  • Go to Admin in the upper right hand corner.
    • In the right hand column, click on “Approval Workflow”
      • Click on Add
        • Name the workflow
        • Click on the three vertical dots to add the specific facilities this workflow will apply to.
        • Click Save
      • Workflow now appears in list.  Click on Manage Workflow to the right.
        • Approval in Hybrent is set up as “Levels”  The approval is only set by time and by dollar amount.  You cannot set approval by vendor.
        • Click on Add Level
          • Name the Level (usually this is the dollar amount range unless there is one approver for ALL PO’s no matter what.  Then it is generally named “Level 1”)
          • Click Save
        • Click on the + in the level title bar (blue bar)
          • Select the users that will go into this level.
            • Choose facility
            • Choose Department
            • Choose if they are able to self approve.
          • Click Save
        • If there is more than one level, click add level
          • Name the level
          • Click Save
        • Once a second level is entered, NOW you can add rules for the initial level (time and dollar amount.)
          • Click on the down arrow in the first level’s title bar.
            • Choose “Add Rules”
            • Choose the cutoff time
            • Choose the dollar amount that the FIRST level is approved UP to.  (I.E. If it is up to five hundred dollars then put 500.00)
            • Click on Save
        • If there are more levels to continue to add, keep repeating d and e until all levels are added.  The final level will not need rules as it will be approval for everything OVER the last level’s dollar amount.