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Adding Items to Your Cart

Adding Items to Your Cart

From the Shop Module, you can add items to your shopping cart.

    • Click on the “Add” button all the way to the right of the item description in your list.
      • The quantity will default to “1”
        • There are two ways you can increase the quantity
          • Click on the “+” to increase the quantity one number at a time.
          • If you are ordering a large quantity, it is better to click into the box with the number “1”.
            • Type the quantity you wish to order into the box.
            • Click the blue checkmark button to update the quantity. (The page will refresh.)


  • Top Tip: The number next to your shopping cart icon is the number of line items in your cart, not the total of the quantity of all line items.



If you are shopping for multiple facilities, you can switch between facilities easily.

    • At the top of the page, click on the facility name next to “Shopping For”
      • Select the next facility you will be shopping for.
      • Shop and add items to your cart.


  • Top Tip: You cannot shop for multiple facilities at the same time.  You have to switch between them and add items to the cart for each facility at a time.