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3 – Way Match

3-Way Matching

    • Check to be sure that the Requested Qty/Price, Received Qty/Price, Invoiced Qty, Invoiced Unit Price and Invoiced Price all match.   
      • This step takes the place of matching the paper PO, the paper packing slip and the paper invoice.
      • If there is a price discrepancy, the item description will be in red as will the price of the item.
        • At this point, click on Save in the upper right hand corner to save the invoice. Follow your usual procedure to deal with your vendor to investigate the price exception.
          • If the price change is a vendor error, adjust the price in the Invoiced Unit Price column when the new, correct invoice is sent by the vendor.
          • If the price change is a valid price change, continue on in the workflow and update the item price in the item catalog.