Inventory Management

Supplies: When and Where You Need Them

Reduce paperwork overload and tedious manual processes. Increase quality and efficiency of your work with Hybrent's automated inventory workflow.

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Cut waste, eliminate overstocking, and store an optimal amount of inventory with an efficient supply flow.

Inventory Management Modules

Electronic Receive

Quickly recieve purchase orders without paper packing slips.

Electronically recieve supplies efficiently and bring back time to focus on patient care.

Improve supply organization with easy scan-in and store supply capabilities.

Recieve on-the-go using tablet and mobilie application.


Industry Best Practice.

Increase efficiencies with barcoding supplies tied to min/max/par levels and data.

Quickly scan on the go - order, recieve, and track supplies from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Improve accuracy, reduce errors, and eliminate chaos caused by running out or missing supplies using min/max/par scan.

Inventory Management

Increase quality and safety of patient care with accurate inventory counts to eliminate supply shortage.

Improve inventory count accuracy with data tied directly into ordering and use. Eliminate waste and overstocking utilizing data insights.

Better oversight and tracked inventory transfers with mulit-site functionality.

Standardize supply usage, reduce inventory costs, and increase profit margins with visibility across all departments.

Simplified Supply Chain Software, Powerful Results

Automating the "Procure-to-Pay" Process

Customizable Portal

Users, facilities, departments, products, prices, and more.

Online Support 24/7

Ongoing support available without leaving your portal.


Access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Multi-Site Functionality

Monitor and manage each location within your group.

Mobile & Tablet Applications

Shop, approve, and receive purchase orders on the go.


From implementation and beyond, our team is here to help you achieve your supply chain goals.

Save Money and Time using Inventory Management Software

Empower Your Clincial Staff

Provide technology resources and tools to save your staff time.

Live chat for assistance without leaving your portal.

Unlimited number of users to increase efficiency.

Tablet and mobile applications allowing users to order receive, and approve on multiple devices with cloud-based software.

Features That Make This Possible

Live Chat Customized Portal
Cloud Based Tablet/Mobile App

Increase Accessibility and Efficiency

Multi-site functionality designed to manage and coordinate supply chain solutions organization-wide.

Industry best practice barcode scanning to order, receive, and deplete items on-the-go - all paperless!

Set min/max/par levels and automatically order using templates and quickly order high-use supplies.

Features That Make This Possible

Multi-site Functionality Templates
Barcoding E-Receive/Paperless Confirmation

Improve Supply Visibility and Patent Safety

Use technology to streamline cycle counts and reduce time spent on this process.

Electronically track implants by serial number, lot number, and expiration date.

Set min/max/par levels to insure supply availability without overstock.

Features That Make This Possible

Cycle Counts Implant Tracking
Inventory Levels Serial Number Expiration Tracking

Reduce Waste and Control Costs

Use data to set min/max/par levels to reduce supply waste and overstock.

Real-time supply tracking for accurate insights available on multiple devices.

Preference cards to identify procedure costs and supply usage.

Eliminate date silos and centralize supply and spend data with reports tied to your supply spend and use.

Features That Make This Possible

Min/Max/Par Levels Real-time Tracking
Preference Cards Data Centric

Hybrent's Supply Chain Software: Inventory Management Features

Live Chat

Receive online support without leaving your Hybrent portal

Tablet & Mobile App

Increase efficiency with on-the-go access


Industry best practice

Implant Tracking

Track implants using barcodes or serial numbers

Min/Max/Par Levels

Never run out of supplies using accurate min/max/ par levels

Real-time Tracking

Track inventory in real-time using data and technology


Access anywhere, anytime, from any device

Multi-Site Functionality

Oversee all supply usage, costs, and inventory locations

Paperless Confirmation

Receive in supplies using barcoding technology

Cycle Counts

Technology designed to dramatically reduce the process time

Preference Cards

Accurately determine case profitability and automatically reduce inventory

Customized Portal

Customized by users, products, locations, departments, and more


Quickly order frequently purchases supplies

Serial #, Lot #, & Expiration Date Tracking

Reduce supply waste with automated supply tracking

Inventory Levels

Access to inventory levels on desktop and tablet

Data Centric

Eliminate data silos and access data for insights that impact the bottom line

Improve Visibility

Hybrent allows you the opportunity to improve visability and control over the procurement process and your facility's use of inventory. Reduce operational costs, improve profit margins, and bring your focus back to what truly matters - patient care.

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Hybrent's E-procurement, inventory management, reporting, invoicing and integration options - created to align your supply chain and your team.

Focus on saving time, reducing costs, and bringing the focus back to patient care, using one cloud-based platform.

Say goodbye to spending hours ordering supplies, and unite your team around Hybrent's software that integrates everyone's workflows, data, and processes.
You'll eliminate wasted time and effort so you can easily increase efficiencies, make better business decisions, improve quality of patient care, and grow your business.

The Hybrent Platform Includes


Everything you need to shop, approve, track, and confirm your orders.

Inventory Management

Impact the bottom line with tools like detailed spend analysis, case costing, cycle counts, and so much more.


Gain business insight using actionable reporting to analyze key business metrics, spend analyses, and customizable reports.


Align your entire team with electronic 3-way match and sync with Accounting software to replace manual entry.

Integrates with Your Accounting and Practice Management Software

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" The efficiencies gained and money saved have exceeded our expectations. From reporting to ordering, and everything in between, this partnership with Hybrent is a win-win. "
Zach Grimm
Pavillion Services Director