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Hybrent’s E-Procurement Solution Integrates with Accounting System to Eliminate Double Keying

Hybrent’s Supply Chain Management solution allows users to retire cumbersome paper-based processes and eliminates the need to double key supply orders on the front- and back-end of every transaction.

“Our platform is designed to remove redundancy and manual work.  Before Hybrent, our customers were spending more time than needed to order, receive, and pay for their supplies,” said Micah McClelland, VP of Business Development at Hybrent. “Often times these administrative duties are assigned to clinical staff members. Our current healthcare system already requires so much time away from patients. Supply chain functions don’t need to be that way. Our goal is to provide a more efficient way for our customers to perform these required tasks so they can get back to doing what they do best, caring for the patient.”

Hybrent makes supply ordering smart and efficient, both at the beginning and end of the process. The platform can help your facility gain efficiency by:

  1. Stopping double-entry on the front-end. Prior to Hybrent, the materials management process was paper-based and required multiple data entry points. If we look at the previous best case scenario, users would generate orders via their practice management software. Next, because their practice management software didn’t actually place orders, they had to communicate those orders to the vendors via fax, email, phone or websites. “That step then must be replicated with each one of the vendors the order was created for,” said McClelland. The Hybrent solution, though, is an e-Procurement system that reduces that workflow to a single step. “For many of our customers this simple change results in time savings of up to 80%, or hours returned back to seeing patients instead of time with a fax machine.”
  2. Eliminating double keying on the back-end accounting side, as well. Hybrent doesn’t stop by just streamlining the procurement side. We also offer an improved workflow when it comes time to paying for supplies. Once the invoice arrives, the staff goes through some process of matching what they received to their bill. This is traditionally done by matching three paper documents to look for errors. After these paper-based audits are done, all of this information then goes into another system – the accounting software. Of course, just like with the procurement side, these workflows aren’t linked requiring the invoices to be hand processed into the accounting side. Hybrent changes all that. Hybrent automatically performs the 3-way match that used to require paper and time. After this is reviewed, Hybrent syncs up with the accounting software so the information can be transferred without the need for any manual work.


Are you ready to learn how Hybrent can eliminate extra steps at your facility?  Click here to request your customized demonstration.

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