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Healthcare Supply Chain Software: Features You Need

Healthcare supply chain management software has the potential to improve efficiency and delivery cost savings. It contains a wealth of information about vendors, and it digitizes and automates many processes that are still analog and manual in nature.

If you’re in the market for healthcare supply chain management software, here are eight features to look for.

1. Electronic Procurement

What if shopping for healthcare supplies was like shopping on Amazon? Software that features customized search, price comparisons, and automatic updates does just that. Additionally, your software would also aggregate vendors, products, pricing, and availability all into one place.

2. Approvals

Supply chain management software should include a feature for integrated, seamless approvals. This workflow would be based on rule-based tiers. Plus, customizable logic would be able to trigger and escalate the approval process.

3. Order Tracking & Confirmations

Tracking orders can be tough. A good supply chain management software will provide real-time visibility into all your transactions. You can order from multiple vendors, compare contracted prices, and create and submit unique purchase orders. Plus, barcoding is available for most common products.

4. Invoice Matching

Use software to automatically identify discrepancies and ensure accuracy. One way to do this is by performing a three-way match for verification.

5. AP Integrations

With AP integrations, your health system’s supply chain management software can save you time by automatically sending approved invoices to accounting. This replaces the need for manual entry.

The software would also integrate with common systems, such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics.

6. Inventory Management

Healthcare supply chain management software takes the guess work out of inventory because it is directly tied to ordering. That means inventory is updated in real time to reflect when items are ordered, in stock, or on back-order.

7. Reporting

Create a dashboard within the software so that you can eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets. This allows you to access metrics and detailed spend analysis quickly and easily, allowing you to gain insights and make decisions to optimize your business.

8. Preference Cards

Hybrent’s supply chain management software helps you determine the profitability of each case with accurate, real-time costing of supplies.

With preference cards and Hybrent’s real-time platform, determine the true profitability of each case with accurate, real-time costing of supplies. It also automatically reduces supplies as they are used in a case.

Healthcare supply chain management software helps automate many tasks that are manual today. This has the potential to result in cutting costs, more accurate order tracking, and saving time for supply chain managers. If you’re interested in how Hybrent’s software stacks up with these features, contact us today!

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