Consolidate Med Supply Procurement

Hybrent's med supply chain solution make it easy to shop and order supplies faster bringing your focus back to what matters most: patient care.

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Vendors, products, pricing, and availability are aggregated in your portal with a single sign-on, creating an "Amazon-like" shopping experience.

Procurement Modules


Shop from all your vendors at your contracted prices in your customized portal. Access all your supply information with an unlimited amount of users, vendors, products, and transactions.

Cloud-based desktop, tablet, and mobile applications make shopping easy and accessible on the go.

Increase accuracy using industry Best Practice - barcode scanning

Lower costs with vendor price comparisons and greater spend oversight with custom reports.


Review all orders for greater visibility and control. Eliminate the hassle of reviewing orders from different vendors separately, and save time with a consolidated review.

Reduce chaos with an overview of all purchase orders and order confirmations in your custom portal.

Lower costs and standardize product use with higher GPO contract purchasing and template-based ordering.


Automatically route orders within the system to insure business rules are followed. Customize your approval workflow to streamline and automate the process.

Increase accuracy and reduce errors with unique, rule-based, and multiple tier approval levels.


Reduce time spent ordering supplies and use templates to automate purchase orders of items that are ordered frequently.

Eliminate overstock and supply shortage using Min/Max/Par levels set based on amount or date.

Order Tracking

Track packages in real time creating a more efficient and streamlined process.

Increase accountability with real-time visibility into all transactions.

Increase transparency and efficiently monitor all purchase order statuses in your Hybrent portal.

Simplified Supply Chain Software, Powerful Results

Automating the "Procure-to-Pay" Process

Customizable Portal

Users, facilities, departments, products, prices, and more.

Online Support 24/7

Ongoing support available without leaving your portal.


Access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Multi-Site Functionality

Monitor and manage each location within your group.

Mobile & Tablet Applications

Shop, approve, and receive purchase orders on the go.


From implementation and beyond, our team is here to help you achieve your supply chain goals.

Hybrent Makes the Procurement Process Easy and Efficient

Streamline and Organize

Shop from all of your vendors in one, easy to use portal. Single-sign on portal is customized to fit your unique user and organizational settings.

Tablet and mobile applications eliminate phone, fax, and email purchase orders.

Shop, Order, Approve, and Track anywhere at anytime using our Cloud-based software.

Features That Make This Possible

Tablet/Mobile Application User Customized
Single Portal Cloud-based

Increase Accuracy and Reduce Errors

Use barcoding to scan and order, receive, or deplete supplies.

Gain insight into all your order confirmations and tracking information in your Hybrent portal.

Set up multiple approval workflow levels to follow all your unique facility settings.

Features That Make This Possible

Barcoding Order Confirmations
Approval Workflows Order Tracking

Standardize Product Usage

Shop using templates to streamline supply orders.

Shop based on previously ordered supplies.

Check item availability before purchasing to avoid waiting on backordered supplies.

Ensure GPO contract compliance with insight into supply purchases.

Features That Make This Possible

GPO Contract Connectivity Templates
Approval Workflows Prepurchase Item Availability

Reduce Overall Costs

Insight into your entire organizational supply spend using our multi-site functionality.

Track overall organization costs using data insights and reports.

Price compare supplies from all your vendors on your customized "Amazon-like" portal.

Order items on consignment to lower up-front costs

Features That Make This Possible

Crosswalk Cost Tracking
Consignment Multi-site Functionality

Hybrent's Supply Chain Software: Procurement Features

Tablet & Mobile App

Order, shop, and receive supplies on-the-go


Order, receive, and deplete supplies using barcode scan technology

Approval Workflows

Automate approval workflows to align your entire team


Shop quickly using templates and automate using min/max/par levels


Price compare similar products from multiple vendors

Single Sign-On Portal

Customized portal to fit you unique workflow and rules


Access anywhere, anytime, from any device

Order Tracking

Monitor back orders and tracking information


Shop though vendor website and purchase in Hybrent

Cost Tracking

Insure contract pricing payments

Multi-site Functionality

Manage all locations and monitor all purchase orders

Order Confirmations

View and track when a vendor has confirmed your PO

GPO Contract Connectivity

Increase GPO compliance with insight into user orders

Pre-purchase Item Availibilty

Insure item availability before purchase


Reduce upfront supply costs

Spend Management. Simplified.

At Hybrent, we make it easy for you to track, receive and understand your supply usage and spend. From procurement, to never running out of supplies, actionable reporting and beyond - Hybrent is your solution.

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Do More With Less

One Portal - Many Benefits

  • Save time
  • Reduce packaging, shipping and delivery costs
  • Product standardization - buy the same product, from the same source reducing the cost per item
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies
  • Boost staff productivity
  • Manage the procure to payment process more effecively
  • Reduce Expenses

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Everything you need in one software to make ordering easier.

Shop from all your vendors in our "Amazon-like" portal to eliminate ordering via phone, fax, email, and multiple websites.

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Hybrent's E-procurement, inventory management, reporting, invoicing and integration options - created to align your supply chain and your team.

Focus on saving time, reducing costs, and bringing the focus back to patient care, using one cloud-based platform.

Say goodbye to spending hours ordering supplies, and unite your team around Hybrent's software that integrates everyone's workflows, data, and processes.
You'll eliminate wasted time and effort so you can easily increase efficiencies, make better business decisions, improve quality of patient care, and grow your business.

The Hybrent Platform Includes


Everything you need to shop, approve, track, and confirm your orders.

Inventory Management

Impact the bottom line with tools like detailed spend analysis, case costing, cycle counts, and so much more.


Gain business insight using actionable reporting to analyze key business metrics, spend analyses, and customizable reports.


Align your entire team with electronic 3-way match and sync with Accounting software to replace manual entry.

Integrates with Your Accounting and Practice Management Software

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" We knew our system was broken and working with Hybrent, we tackled key issues in addition to logistics, which included high costs for supplies and an inefficient ordering process. We knew that with the right partner we could address these challenges. And that's exactly what we've done. "
Terri Crow