The Mobile Advantages

  Is your clinical staff sufficiently mobile? That seems like a strange question until you consider the follow-up question: Are they sufficiently mobile for the right reasons seeing mobile advantages?   Your clinical staff wears comfortable shoes for a reason. They are on their feet the majority of the day, engaging in a variety of…


Is Your Supply Chain Management Solution a Healthy One?

Is Your Supply Chain Management Solution a Healthy One?  Data standardization, data-driven capabilities, in-depth performance measurement – all of these supply chain visibility goals can be achieved through the selection of a contemporary and potent hospital supply chain management solution. Have you taken a look at such processes recently? Does your hospital or medical facility…


“Take-A-Ways From HealthIMPACT’s 2014 Midwest Forum”

  After closing out an extremely long week I’m honored to reflect back on how it all actually started with the HealthIMPACT forum here in Chicago, IL. This intimate venue brought together innovative thought leaders from all parts of the country to discuss everything from ACO’s, Clinical Integration, EHR’s, to Understanding Your Supply Chain and…


Hybrent’s Co-Founder Featured on The Healthcare IT Guy’s Blog

I’m honored to be this week’s featured guest on The Healthcare IT Guy’s blog discussing The Supply Chain and a great Ant Farm analogy. It’s really time that we sense the urgency needed to improve the Supply Chain and stop putting our patients at risk.

How to Reduce Variances in Your Inventory Values

How to Reduce Variances in Your Inventory Values Hospitals, like other businesses, must be in control of how much inventory they have and where that inventory is going. Inventory variances and inaccurate quantities on hand will likely put your patients at risk, jeopardize your level of clinical care, and frustrate caregivers within your organization. Loss…


3 Ways to Boost Efficiency of Hospital Supply Chain

Research reveals that the supply chain contributes to nearly 25 percent of a hospital’s operating budget. The percentage will continue growing in the future, which will necessitate efficient supply chain optimization.   Your managerial practices can contribute to higher transparency through supply chain visibility, better organization of the hospital staff’s workday and decreased expenditure. Several…


Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Hospital Supply Chain?

When it comes to hospital supply chain management, mistakes can be costly and time-consuming. This contributes to overall hospital inefficiency and puts the status and reputation of the hospital at risk. Because of this, common mistakes made in managing a hospital’s supply chain should be avoided.   Inventory Management   When it comes to inventory…