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All-in-one Supply Chain Software for ASCs

Value-based care requires healthcare providers to have laser-like focus on costs, supply chain leaders at physician offices and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) must get a handle on how much they are spending on products, and find savings whenever possible.

“It is no longer prudent for physician offices or ASCs to have an unwieldy supply chain,” said Ken Tighe, CEO of Hybrent. “It can be a challenge to gain control, especially with multi-site locations. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Hybrent solution provides our partners with a consistent and efficient supply chain process.”

Leadership at Village Podiatry Centers knows this firsthand. The company is based in Atlanta, and its holding company, Extremity Healthcare, operates 35 podiatry clinics, and owns or manages seven surgery centers across Georgia and Tennessee.

Surgery centers with multiple locations require a standardized supply chain process. But supply chain complexities at Village Podiatry hampered efficiency, and Eddie Ross, hired as purchasing manager a year-and-a-half ago, knew a more efficient way existed.

“Our podiatry clinics ordered what they wanted to, when they wanted to, from who they wanted to,” said Ross. “We have over 40 doctors, and the process was chaotic. We needed an efficient process, intelligence-based decisions, and consistency across the board.”

Additionally, the supply chain system failed to leverage vendor pricing. With no set system in place, the centers would have to order through multiple vendors and hope for the best.

To correct course and continue the company’s mission of growing existing clinics and acquiring additional clinics, Ross had to improve the efficiency of Village Podiatry’s supply chain.

Village Podiatry switched from its outdated handling of supply chain to the modern Hybrent solution. This provided Ross with an immediate solution for efficiency. Regional managers can now approve orders on the front end, and because the Hybrent solution is mobile, orders can be approved from a laptop or smartphone.

And, because Village Podiatry locations are scattered around the region and it does not have a warehouse that supplies can be delivered to, it is important for the accounts payable department to know immediately when a product is delivered.  One of the many features of the Hybrent platform is that it provides a tracking number for each purchase order which gives exact information as to when and where the order was delivered. The old system didn’t provide this option. Now, the Hybrent solution provides the accounts payable department with a confirmation of the purchase order from each designated vendor.

Not only that, Hybrent allows one-stop ordering. The Ordering Module has simplified the process for Village Podiatry, making the products searchable by name, partial name, alias, manufacturer number or SKU, and can be ordered and received via the application.

Ross is satisfied with the changeover to Hybrent. “Any system change can be difficult,” he said. “But Hybrent is accessible and accommodating.”

Read our recent case study outlining how Hybrent provides supply chain efficiency for Village Podiatry Centers and their multi-site locations.

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